Texas Mid-Century Modern

Coming in at just over 6,000 square feet, this mid-century modern split-level home is in the prominent Northwood neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.

Overall design intent was to produce family friendly rooms, with a multi-function kitchen as the basis for the design.

Being the “center of the universe”, this kitchen redesign became the crucible for this families daily functions. Eating…school-work…parties…all happen in these spaces. Project also includes custom breakfast nook, special vaulted ceiling design in major rooms of the house, and master suite redesign. A custom cut stone mantle in the family room was created, and energy efficient windows through the house combat the Texas heat.

New master suite includes vaulted ceiling, space saving closets, and marble shower/tub in master bathroom.

The house design utilized a low roof pitch and played with the horizontal stature of modern architecture…an architecture that demands modern, clean lines with minimal adornment.