Kirk Road

The restoration and preservation of the home at 655 Kirk Road included a complete renovation to the main floor plan, and renovations to stabilize the exterior of the house. The homeowners and their family loved the house, and knew from living in other “old houses” that the scope of work on this would be extensive.

Built in 1949, the Cape Cod style colonial is sited on large lot near Columbia Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. With a commanding street presence, the two-story home is perfect for a growing family of five. However, due to family care of elderly grandparents, the homeowners needed the house to support a multi-generational living situation. Early discussions included wholesale preservation of the house, rather than “scraping and starting over”.

Alan Clark Architects sought to preserve the simple New England architecture of the house, and alter the spaces inside to meet current and future family needs. The existing main-floor was rearranged, allowing for a guest suite with a handicapped bathroom and living room space.

A segmented arch at the main entrance, and removal of a long hallway were major changes to the entry sequence. These new arched openings connect the front to back of the home, whereas before the layout was irregular and choppy. A new kitchen becomes the center of the home, with columns at openings to match new columns at the front entrance portico.

New Nichiha siding was installed, and all windows and doors were replaced in this painstaking renovation.

This project was a recipient of the Decatur Design Award for Historic Preservation in May 2015.